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SEO Website Copy For Tasneem Chopra OAM


Tasneem Chopra is an experienced cross-cultural consultant and diversity, equity & inclusion (de&I) trainer helping businesses, not-for-profits and government understand and navigate diversity and inclusion using an intersectional lens. She’s also a writer, media expert, board director, keynote speaker and media commentator.

The Challenge

Tasneem’s website was created 10 years ago when she was starting. Over that time, her consultancy had grown and she had diversified her service offerings. The content didn’t quite reflect what she did for clients. She often spent hours on the phone explaining her services to potential clients as her website didn’t have the information.

“My website wasn’t optimising the resources or the services that I could offer. I knew what I wanted it to do for me, but I didn’t have the resources or time, or know where to start, and not the technical capacity to make it happen.”

Why the client reached out

Tasneem contacted me via Instagram after seeing one of my posts.

“Before I reached out to you, I didn’t even know copywriting was a thing that could be done! I decided to give it a go for a couple of reasons. First of all, I always support women entrepreneurs. Secondly, what you were saying spoke to me because it seemed very much like a co-creation process. You weren’t going to create at me; you were going to create with me and for me. So I felt like I wasn’t losing control over the fidelity of my message. It was going to be something that was going to be informed by what I do, not what you think I do, which can be corporate-style. And I didn’t want that.”

Bad experiences with other providers

Tasneem had multiple bad experiences with previous web designers who fixed the technical side and website backend. They didn’t deliver exactly what she wanted.

“My website looked good visually but the content was outdated. That’s something I was lacking. I often thought that I had to do this and it was going to be overwhelming because I didn’t have the time. And I wanted it to be as good, if not better than a lot of the stuff that I was seeing other people do online.”

The Service: SEO Website Copywriting

After an initial 15-minute discovery call, I put together a proposal for SEO website copywriting which included wireframes as the client was also working with a web developer to create a brand new site. 

I offered the client two options; copy with wireframes and copy without wireframes. The client chose copy with wireframes which represents the copy visually and shortens the approval process on all sides.

I created wireframes, and wrote SEO website copy, title tags and meta descriptions for 13 pages (Home, About, 8 x service pages, podcast). 

In-depth copywriting briefing call

We also booked a call for an in-depth briefing to go through her business.

“It ended up being the best thing that I did! You asked me all the right questions and you actually listened to me, not at me. Based on what I said, you interpreted that into my service offerings, which conceptually was so clever because I didn’t realise that’s all the different things that I do. It actually became time efficient and ended up literally translating to hours and hours of work that I would’ve had to do, which I wouldn’t have done as well.”

“Honestly I was blown away and I don’t get blown away that often. It was really impressive, like magic! You’re very intuitive in the way that you did the interview. You didn’t just ask me questions and write or record the answers. You listened. I know that because you managed to interpret that into concepts and content in my website that spoke in my voice. I couldn’t have done that at all.”

3 weeks from briefing call to first draft

The first draft was ready for client review 3 weeks after the briefing call was complete.

The final website copy and wireframes were delivered to the client and developer within 4-6 weeks which also surprised the client.

“After you submitted the first drafts, I just literally reviewed the copy and came back with revisions which were pretty seamless as well. I felt that you were diligent, thorough in your approach and you were diligent in replying. You finished it in a really surprisingly short timeframe.”


After the website launched, the client received some amazing feedback and results.

Content Reflects Brand Voice

“People I showed it to including editors all said the copy reflected my voice. The new website was contemporary, fresh, bright and clean. For me, the real proof was getting calls from clients. Suddenly I was contactable easily through my website. In the past, I don’t know how many work opportunities I’ve missed because my contact form didn’t work. Now all enquiries come straight into my inbox or calendar.”

Over 45% Increase In Website Inquiries

“50% of my inquiries now come through my website and the other half from LinkedIn. Historically, it was less than 5% from my website. The uptake is significant. It’s made a huge difference to my career in terms of my reach.”

Increase In Confidence

“I feel really confident about telling people to check my website so they can see what I do. In the past I’d say, ‘here’s my website, but email me instead’.” 

“The new website is a game changer. You can actually see what I do in detail. And you can engage me specifically based on the information available. If anyone asks what services I offer, I can easily go to my website, find the correct link and send it to them because I know that I can trust what’s there. Sometimes, I’ll have the client come back to me and hire me for a specific talk or presentation they’ve seen on my service pages.” 

Huge Time Savings

“The website has saved me hours and hours of having to work it out or explain what I do over the phone or email. I can breathe easy knowing that people are contacting me for services that I offer as opposed to what they think I offer.”

“The efficiency of the website is that you can see all my services and offerings in one place. People can see everything I do and pick what they want to hire me for. I probably go to my website just to check like once every couple of months and because my Facebook feed links to my website.” 

“Anyone can see the latest thing that I’ve done and it works beautifully with my calendar booking (which I had implemented thanks to your suggestion).”

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