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Website Copy Critique For Sarah Janali Consulting


Sarah Janali Consulting is a boutique community development consultancy practice based in Perth, Western Australia.

The challenge

Sarah built her own website shortly after establishing her new consulting practice. As a new business owner, she was keen to minimise start-up costs and overheads and do what she could herself.

“I consider myself to be a pretty good writer but given the importance of my website as the first impression of my business I was keen to ensure that the website was the best possible reflection of the business and really spoke to the target audience.”

Sarah also found writing about herself and her skills one of the most difficult aspects of writing her own website copy.

“Like most women I tend to undersell myself, so I was keen to have someone review the copy to make sure it sold my unique skills whilst keeping the authenticity that I was hoping to achieve by writing it myself.”

The service: Copy Critique

I booked Sarah in for a 60-minute in-depth briefing call. The goal was to cover her business and brand in detail, learn about her audience, her services and what she was trying to achieve with her website.

“Rashida was very professional throughout the whole process. I liked the way she spent time at the beginning seeking to understand as much as she could about my business, my target audience, my approach, and the skills I bring to projects.”

After the call, I went through the website copy page by page, editing for clarity, rearranging/rewriting/visually representing some sections for flow and from the POV of her target audiences. I also carried out keyword research to find the best converting words and phrases for her business and incorporated these in her copy along with writing title tags and meta descriptions that would entice her audience to click and were benefit-focused.

Delivery of copy

Two weeks later, I presented Sarah with a copydeck (a word document which lays out the copy in a web-developer friendly format with SEO) and a Loom video explaining everything I did and why.

“When she delivered the copy to me, she also provided a video in which she explained the rationale behind the changes she suggested during the review. I found this very helpful and personable. I didn’t understand much about the importance of SEO at the beginning of the process and had not put any of this in place on my website. Rashida explained all of this to me, and I feel really confident in my understanding of the importance of getting the SEO right and how to manage this in the future for my business.”


Using niche and location-based keywords helped Sarah’s website rank organically on the first page of Google in addition to ranking for her personal brand ‘Sarah Janali’ which is how she’s known in her industry.

“I was really pleased with the copy that Rashida delivered. I liked the way she ensured the authenticity of my voice remained clear in the copy and the way she picked up on things that I had not thought of (i.e., links to other pages in the footer, terms and conditions).

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