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SEO Website Copy For Elevate Training


Elevate Training is a personal training boutique studio in Concord, NSW owned and run by personal trainer Chloe Blancato. She helps people live their best and healthiest lives through proper nutrition and fitness training. 

The Challenge

Chloe needed a compelling website to help her stand out in her industry. Chloe needed someone who could write copy and help her create her Squarespace website at the backend. 

“I didn’t think I had the skills and capabilities to create a compelling website. I wanted someone professional and someone I could trust. That led to you and I’m very grateful for that. I also wasn’t sure about SEO and it would have taken me double the amount of time to figure it all out.”

Why The Client Reached Out

“You were already writing copy for women in business so I knew that was your niche. I knew you personally, how you speak and how you present yourself, so I thought you could bring all that into my business and show the world how I present myself.”

“I probably may not have felt as confident with someone else. You’re very open in your discussions which makes it easier. And the overall process is really simple.”

The Service: Seo Website Copywriting

I booked a briefing call with Chloe and we went through her business in detail. I researched keywords and wrote the copy for 5 pages based on a Squarespace design template Chloe chose. I wrote SEO website copy focusing more on local SEO and niche keywords and tried to bring out Chloe’s best attributes. 

I also created a range of taglines for Elevate Training to use on the website.


“The website is definitely driving some inquiries and I’ve gained PT clients and new members who have come to me through the website. Analytics and site visits are good too. The website has all the information I need to stand out and convince someone to try the studio which is important in my industry. The website is definitely coming up in search results and what you did seems to be working!”

Increase In Confidence

“The copy makes me feel confident in marketing my business because it provides enough detail on the website for the reader without them having to ask too many questions to try and understand what I’m offering. That’s important in my industry.”

Overall Experience

“The overall experience was good, and I was pretty happy with the text. The format was amazing, the layout was great, and I didn’t end up making too many major changes.” 

“One pleasant surprise was how consistent you were with everything. If I wanted something done, you’d get it done quickly. I never had to stress about it at all wondering what you were doing or when you were going to deliver it.”

“It was a really easy and smooth process. I was happy with the format in which you delivered the copy too, it was easy to edit. Our communication was really good, and we worked well together.”

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