Copy Critique

Write your own content?

Drive better results with a copy critique.

Copy Critique

Write your own content?

Drive better results with a copy critique.

Not seeing results from your copy?

Do you write for your business and need someone to help improve the content and structure? Is your website copy or landing pages missing the mark with conversions? Wish you could have a professional writer review your work so you can send it out confidently?

A copy critique may be just what you need.

I was really pleased with the copy that Rashida delivered.

In particular I like the way she ensured the authenticity of my voice remained clear in the copy and the way she picked up on things that I had not thought of (i.e. links to other pages in the footer, terms and conditions). When she delivered the copy to me she also provided a video in which she explained the rationale behind the changes she suggested during the review. I found this very helpful and personable. I didn’t understand much about the importance of SEO at the beginning of the process and had not put any of this in place on my website. Rashida explained all of this to me and I feel really confident in my understanding of the importance of getting the SEO right and how to manage this in the future for my business.


Sarah Janali Consulting

What does a copy critique include?

Copy critiques are available for:

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Why get your copy critiqued?

Rashida is an outstanding copywriter.

Working with Rashida across multiple clients in distinct industries, she met all the requirements of the briefs, captured the individual business’ voice and unique style and and able to provide content that matched client expectations. I found Rashida a delight to work with; she always provided quality work, on time and communicated clearly.

Shuba Paheerathan

Customer Success Specialist

 Boost your copy with a custom copy critique

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