Terms & Conditions


1. The purpose of this document is to formalise agreement for the Services to be provided on the terms set out in this Agreement (‘the Terms’).
2. The Client will be providing certain Confidential Information which is proprietary to the owner to enable the Consultant to provide the Services, which the Consultant agrees to
keep confidential.
3. The Client agrees to make payment for the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
4. The terms of this Agreement outline and govern the parties arrangement for these Services as follows:


1. “Confidential Information” means any written or oral information that is provided by  or disclosed directly or indirectly through any means that is not already in the public  domain, and may include information about business structures, methods, procedures,  financial and personal information. 

2. “Services” includes copywriting services, provision of web content, articles, research,  analysis, content writing, social media, public relations and marketing releases, and other  services listed in Item 1 of the Schedule and as may be requested from time to time.


1. The Consultant agrees to provide the Services in a professional manner and in  accordance with generally accepted industry practice and standards and will ensure any  contractors or consultants or representatives that the Consultant may employ from time to  time will have the relevant qualifications and are under the same standards requirements. 

2. Any specific terms and requirements relating to the Services required by the Client  will be agreed in writing and notified to the Consultant in advance.


1. Legislation may confer certain rights, warranties and guarantees and remedies  relating to the provision of the Services which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified,  including but not limited to the Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’). At no time are these  statutory rights sought to be excluded. 

2. The Consultant represents and warrants:  

a. in providing the Services, they will comply with all law and industry standards; 

b. they will not breach any third party rights;

c. the work performed to provide the Services will be done to a high standard in  accordance with best practice; and 

d. the scope of the Services will be limited to the description provided in this  Agreement and as agreed in writing from time to time. Similar or equivalent Services may be  substituted from time to time if, in the sole opinion of the Consultant, it would benefit the  Client or be required to meet the terms of this Agreement. 

3. The Client represents and warrants: 

They will provide all relevant information required for the Consultant to carry out the  Services in a timely manner; and 

a. they hold the relevant and required current insurances to protect the Consultant  (where relevant) for use of any work and Services completed including but not limited to  any third party claims. 

4. The Client acknowledges and agrees that: 

They will supply the outline for the work and Services and any research material that  the Consultant may require to complete the Services. All work is completed based on and in  accordance with their instructions; 

a. The Consultant’s contribution and name will be kept confidential. At no time will any  Services be published under the name of the Consultant; and 

b. The Consultant is not in control of the where and how the work produced from the  Service may be used. Once the Consultant produces the work, they are no longer  responsible in any manner for the use of and any liability that may result from how and  where the work is used by the Client. 


1. If at any time any aspect of the Services are not reasonably acceptable to the Client,  or both parties disagree on the quality, substance, or the parties disagree for any reason on  the Services, the Client will immediately notify the Consultant of any such reason, the  specifics and will give a reasonable opportunity for the Consultant to respond and address  any concerns. 

2. If a dispute arises, both parties agree that confidentiality is paramount to the  reputation of both the Client and the Consultant. At no time will any communications or  discussions be made public, including but not limited to any social media websites of either  party. Any public discussion or comments about either party are considered defamatory,  negative or otherwise damaging and will be the subject of compensation in any mediation  or litigation claim. 

3. In the event of any dispute on the work, quality or ownership that cannot be  resolved, both parties agree to obtain an independent professional arbitrator/dispute 

resolution specialist to make a determination on the dispute and each of us agrees to pay  our own costs. 


The relationship under this Agreement is that of principal and independent contractor. This  Agreement does not make either party a joint venturer, partner, employee or agent of the  other. No act or omission of either party is to bind the other party except as expressly set  out in this Agreement.


1. Term: 

This Agreement is for the period agreed in writing. All Services must be provided between  the commencement start date (‘Effective Date’) and the final date as notified and agreed. 

1.2 The confidentiality provisions survive the termination of this 

Agreement remain until the Confidential Information becomes part of the public domain. 

1.3 Ownership of Intellectual Property and Confidential Information: Materials and work  may be provided to the Client from time to time during and to enable the provision of the  Services. All materials and work is provided without warranties of any kind, both express  and implied. Any designs, materials, analyses, processes, discussions and other intellectual  property, both tangible and intangible, which is provided or may be developed as a result of  or during the Services will become the property of the Client upon full payment for Services.  The Consultant will ensure and do all things necessary to ensure any transfer of ownership  of materials. 

1.4 Use of Name and Logo for Promotional Purposes: As a consequence of engaging the  Consultant’s Services, the Consultant has the right and permission to use the Client’s name  and logo for their own business promotional and advertising purposes. If the Client does not  wish to have their name and logo used for such purposes, they agree to inform the  Consultant in writing of such refusal and the Consultant agrees to remove any reference to  the Client in relation to their business and Services.


1. Confidentiality: 

The Consultant agrees that they will: 

a. keep confidential and secure; 

b. not use directly or indirectly; and 

c. not disclose directly or indirectly,

this Agreement and all personal information relating to, arising under or acquired under or  as a consequence of this Agreement and the Services, except: 

(i) as required by law or any regulatory authority; or 

(ii) with the Client’s express written consent. 

2. The Consultant will not at any time disclose or allow access by any person or third  party to any of the Confidential Information unless required to perform the Services in  which case, the Consultant will ensure they are under the same duty of confidentiality as  the Consultant is under this Agreement. 


1. Any late, overdue or unpaid invoice amounts will incur interest at a rate determined  in accordance with the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983. 

2. In the event that the Client fails to pay any invoices in accordance with the terms of  the Agreement or does not perform its obligations under this Agreement, the Consultant  may refuse to continue to provide the Services and may terminate this Agreement  immediately without notice. The Consultant may also commence proceedings to collect any  outstanding debts owed. 

3. All payment and personal information will be kept in a secure manner in accordance  with Australian privacy requirements. Please refer to the Consultant’s Privacy Policy for  details on how Client information will be kept secure. 

4. By providing the Consultant with your payment and credit card details, the Client  authorizes payment for the full Services. In the event the Client has chosen payments to be  made on a recurring basis, the Client hereby authorizes such payments to be deducted by  the Consultant until the full payment has been made under the Terms and in accordance  with this Agreement. 

5. Default: Failure to make a required payment when due under this Agreement shall  constitute a material default under this Agreement. 


1. Either party may terminate this Agreement by providing 2 weeks or 10 business  days’ written notice to the other party. 

2. For any breach of any of the obligations of this Agreement, the person who has  committed the breach will immediately remedy or rectify the breach promptly. 

3. In the event of any termination by the Client, payment for all Services becomes  immediately due and payable, up to and including the work in progress by the Consultant. 

4. Confidentiality survives and continues in the event of any dispute or termination  and, in any event, after the delivery of the Services.


1. The Consultant and their representatives are in no way liable for any loss or damages  whether direct, indirect or consequential which the Client may suffer in reliance directly or  indirectly on all or any part of the Services. The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless the  Consultant from and against any and all actions, claims, liabilities, proceedings or demands  which may be brought against them in respect of any loss or damage (including loss of  income, revenue, or profits in addition to reasonable legal fees and expenses). 

2. The liability of the Consultant is governed solely by the ACL and these Terms. Any  other conditions and warranties which may be implied by custom, law or statute are  expressly excluded. 

3. The Client acknowledges and agrees that they use the Services at their own risk. In  engaging the Services, the Client agrees they are liable for and agrees to indemnify and hold  the Consultant harmless for and against any and all claims, liabilities, actions and expenses  which may result either directly or indirectly from a breach of these Terms, use or misuse of  the Services or in connection with any of the Services. 

4. The Services involve interpretation and analysis that provides a result in the favour  of the Client as per the Client instructions. The Client acknowledges that due to their specific  instructions to provide analysis that is favourable to their business, it will result in materials  and work that is subjective and not objective, as a result. The Client agrees to indemnify the  Consultant for any claims resulting from their instructions or materials produced as a result. 

5. The Consultant cannot be held responsible for how, where or the manner in which  the Client presents any of the Services. The Client shall indemnify, defend and hold the  Consultant harmless against any and all claims that may be brought against the Consultant  as a direct or indirect result of providing the Services to the Client. The Client understands  that they therefore engage the Services at their own risk. 

6. In any case, the Consultant’s liability is limited at all times to amount of the last  invoice fees paid by the Client. 

7. Both parties agree that the Effective Date nominated in the Schedule is the date the  Services began and that to the extent that any and all clauses in this Agreement may be  lawfully deemed to apply retrospectively to the Services, both parties agree to apply them. 


This Agreement is governed by the laws from time to time in force in the state of New South  Wales. Both parties agree to unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the  Courts of New South Wales for determining any dispute concerning this Agreement.