Emotions sell products and services.

Ignite your customer’s emotions with empathetic copywriting.

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Emotions sell products and services.

The right copy helps to ignite your customer’s emotions, your confidence and your brand.

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Your content doesn't reflect your value, or sound like you.

You want to communicate clearly so you can attract your dream clients. You’d rather focus on running your business or on growth instead of wasting valuable time trying to write content. You can’t easily put into words the value you offer. If you’re nodding along, let’s chat.

How I create copy for you (a client called it ‘magic!’).


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What I do:



What I do:



What I do:



What I do:



What I do:


I hired Rashida to write the About page for my new business selling playwear for young children.

I found working with Rashida to be an easy collaboration. She brought a playful tone of voice to my business and I was happy with the content for the About page because she understood and brought to life the story and culture of my brand.


Owner, Coddi & Womple

What I do:

Write creative and engaging copy based on strategy, storytelling and SEO so you connect with your audiences on a human level, stand out and drive the right traffic to your business.

Who I write for:

A business owner, marketing or content manager, or agencies that need a copywriter for brand awareness content, email campaigns, educational content or new SEO website copy.

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What I write:

My 3-step process for copywriting

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Hi, I'm Rashida!

Was I always a writer? If you could talk to my English teacher, he’d say a resounding YES. 

It took moving to Australia from Kenya, taking the traditional route to a respectable university degree, and then meandering down dull, corporate laneways for me to find my bright, shiny writerly path.

Thankfully, a small cute human rescued me from soul-sucking watercooler talk in 2011!
I’ve learnt so much more as a freelance writer and small business owner than I ever could have in a full time job. 

As a features writer, I learnt to write pitches and story angles that grabbed the attention of busy editors, extract the right quotes from interviewees and write stories that drew eyeballs online.

As a copywriter, I learnt how to build a personal brand from the ground up, say yes before I felt ready, work on my mindset, build relationships with peers, learn about SEO, coding, marketing, technology and run a business around the needs of two small people! 

I support Rafiki Mwema.

I donate a percentage of my copywriting income and book sales to Rafiki Mwema, a charity in Kenya that helps street children who’ve been victims of violence or sexual abuse. I currently support their Rafiki Feeding Program in memory of my loving grandparents, Noorali and Fatima Bhaijee. 

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