Helping female business owners find the right words


Helping female business owners find the right words

Hi, I'm Rashida Tayabali.
Words are my favourite thing in the world.

I dream, live and breathe words. I’ve combined a love for reading and writing and a marketing degree into my perfect business!

I’m a copywriter for female entrepreneurs by day and an author by night. Some might say these need two separate brains, but I manage to make it work with one!

My brain is also crammed with SEO, storytelling and copywriting techniques, book characters, consumer psychology, strategy, and a running to-do list for two school-going children!

Stories were a big part of my childhood.

Having grown up in the ancient land of Africa, I’ve listened to stories nestled in my grandmother’s lap since I was a baby. As I grew, I gravitated towards storytelling, both the written and spoken word.

After moving to Australia as an international student in 2004, I realised that being multilingual was a special superpower (I speak six languages but think in English) when it came to writing copy that connected with people. It helped me understand the nuances of language, correct grammar, and structure combined with an intuitive approach to writing content.

Turning a love of stories into a career.

In 2011, I left corporate Australia to become a freelance writer, writing features and articles for Australia’s leading magazines and newspapers, then naturally fell into copywriting for business owners.

A cherished dream of becoming an author came true in 2021 when I self-published my first novel, Life after Ali. I chose to write a novel with a strong female lead from a multicultural and migrant background.

Through my stories, I want to show that women from ethnic backgrounds live layered and complex lives. How they handle everyday or difficult challenges is made more difficult because of where they come from, their gender, cultural and religious ties and upbringing.

To put it simply, we have a lot of baggage!

My mission

My mission to help female business owners like you, who’re doing good in the world communicate your expertise and value, so you attract more of the people you want to help and create the impact you’re dreaming of.

My ‘aha’ moment came when speaking to an incredible female entrepreneur about how difficult she found it to write her website copy. After working with several successful women in business, I realised this was my strength – extracting the essence of what made the business and brand unique, and turning it into persuasive content that drives clicks.

My values



I believe in always doing the right thing by you. I don’t shy away from difficult conversations or decisions. If I’m not the right fit for your project, I’ll happily refer you on to another writer.



I aim to build the client-copywriter relationship on trust and honesty. This means any information you discuss with me is safe. And you can trust that I’ll always deliver work to the highest standard.



The best copy is written when both parties are actively involved in the process. I aim to work with you at every stage so the final product is the best it can be.

My favourite quote

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

A snapshot of me

01. Born in Mombasa, Kenya. 

02. Living in Western Sydney, Australia.

03. Proud mum of two kids.

04. Owner of an overactive imagination.

05. Foodie, especially Kenyan snacks.

06. Obsessed with everything Bollywood.

07. Long-time yogi and Zen seeker.

08. Love reading and browsing in bookstores.

Right from the start, Rashida was approachable and friendly, making the entire process a breeze.

She took the time to understand my business, my goals, and my target audience, which instantly put me at ease. Her professionalism, creativity, and friendliness make every project an absolute joy. I will continue to collaborate with her for all my future content needs without a moment’s hesitation.


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A charity close to my heart is...

Rafiki Mwema. It means loyal friend in Swahili.

Founded by Sarah Rosborg, a Sydneysider, it provides safe homes, therapy, and food to street children in Kenya who are victims of sexual abuse.

I support their monthly feeding program in loving memory of my late grandparents Fatima and Noorali Bhaijee whose home and hearts were always open to the needy. I also donate a portion of my income and book sales to try and make a small difference in the lives of these brave children and the hardworking staff that look after them.

No boring words here...

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