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3 common pitfalls affecting your content creation

As a business owner, it’s tempting to try and do all the things from creating your graphics to social media posts and even DIY website copy.

Research shows that SME owners and executives spend a weekly average of 16 hours completing administrative tasks and duties. Content creation can fall under this category eating away hours of your time as you struggle to write the content and then try to figure out how to set it up in your business.

Risk? The content doesn’t perform the way you expected, which means precious hours wasted with little ROI to show for it. So, if you aren’t yet ready to hire a content writer for your business, here are some common pitfalls that business owners experience when trying to write their copy.

It’s hard to be objective

Being a business owner means you’re constantly thinking of your business. Because you’re so close to it, you’ll miss the things that make people choose you over your competitors.

Not knowing what makes you special makes it hard to put it into the right words.

It becomes challenging to step back and look at your products or services from the perspective of a potential customer. It stops you from creating the right type of content that matches the needs of your target audience.

Often, content gets created for the sake of it, and doesn’t connect with your audience because it’s not what they are looking for.

For example, focusing too much on what the business does on your About page instead of focusing on customer needs and how you solve these.

A copywriter can help draw out the right information and make sure it’s written in a way that makes it super clear to your ideal client that you’re the right choice for them and makes them feel excited about having found you.

Content writing falling off your to-do list

If you’re writing your content, it’s usually the first thing to drop off a busy to-do list or in times of growth.

It takes time and research to brainstorm and create a great blog post or sales page that’ll drive inquiries for your business. Few business owners have posts or blogs scheduled well in advance or follow a content creation plan. Before you know it, weeks have passed and your social media channels are begging for new content.

Hiring a freelance content writer means you’ll never run out of content and creativity. Freelancers provide a fresh perspective and are full of creative ideas when it comes to creating content for their clients.

Ho-hum content that gets ignored

The business landscape is noisy and your industry is crowded. It’s hard to stand out if your marketing content is dull and lacks creativity or worse, is the same as everyone else’s.

Writing engaging content that stands out from the competition needs creativity. You might struggle to come up with fresh ideas and new approaches to content creation if you’re busy running your business.

Creativity leads to effective content creation, engagement, differentiation, and success for your brand. Lack of creativity in your content means you’re one of hundreds of voices competing for your audience’s attention.

A compelling and unique brand voice can help you stand out. A copywriter can help you develop a distinct tone of voice and language to help you attract your dream clients and build loyal fans.

The aim of creating content for your business is to show your ideal clients that you have the solution they need. Content helps to educate them on what you do, and how you help so they have the right information to decide.

DIY’ing your content means you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to convert your online traffic into hitting that Contact button!

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