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3 insider sources for finding a good copywriter

Why the search term ‘copywriter’ is a minefield

Occasionally, I’ll research my competitors to find what they are up to. However, finding a copywriter competitor seems to have become much harder!

I searched for the term ‘copywriter’ today and Google presented me with a list of 20 options.

20! And that was before I clicked on more results.

The results were a mix of ads, websites, videos, Wikipedia definitions, and frequently asked questions about copywriters. And this was just on the first page.

As a copywriter myself, I sure as heck wouldn’t know where to start looking for the right person.

If you’re a business owner searching for a good copywriter, it’s safe to say that this may scare you off from finding anyone to help you – ever!

You might go back to *trying* to write your copy or be determined to give ChatGPT another chance.

Hang on! Before you return to your keyboard or a junior intern, here are three solid and trusted insider sources on how to find a good copywriter for your business.

Ask at networking events

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’re likely to bump into at least one copywriter! We tend to hang out at events *a little reluctantly because most are introverts* still hoping to find our next client without having to network!

This is a great chance to have a friendly, non-Zoom chat and vibe with them. They are also more likely to be relaxed and tell you their life story (don’t ever ask how they became copywriters. My version is about 20 minutes long).

Instead, ask what type of content writing project is their favourite, what skills they have, their writing process and who they’ve worked with in the past.

This chat will tell you more about them than a 15-minute discovery session with a random copywriter on the Internet.

Next step: So you’ve liked them and they like you back. Yay! Test the waters with a small trial project to see if they are a good fit for you.

Find copywriters through referrals

As a business owner, you’re bound to know other business-y types. If you don’t, find them pronto! They are a lifeline for helping you tackle the big business challenges and stay sane.

Here’s an example of how my last client found out about me:

I had a website design agency do up my beautiful website. Based on the copy I wrote for my business, the owner recommended me to one of her clients. She checked out my website and voila hired me to work with her. In the last 6 months, I’ve completed 5 projects for her, most recently SEO website copy and five case studies for her new website.

Ask your trusted friends and advisors if they know of a good copywriter. Referrals are a great starting point and the copywriter who comes recommended will work doubly hard for you because you’re also not a random person off the Internet. You came recommended to them by a trusted person which is a great sign for us introverts who dislike conflict. Just saying!

If you haven’t managed to locate one of us yet, here’s one more place to check out.

Find copywriters on job boards

Many times when I haven’t found another writer to recommend a client to (yes we do this too if we’re not the right person for the job), I’ve directed them to job boards run by reputable writers’ groups because it’s brimming with great copywriters.

Here are two places where you can post a job ad:

Digital Marketing Collective has a free job ads board where you can post project details and a horde of great copywriters will stampede their way into your inbox.

Rachel’s List has a paid jobs section. Pay a small fee to advertise your projects and wait for another stampede of clever writers wanting to weave magic for your business.

(Disclaimer: I’m a long-time member of both communities made up of fab writerly types).

Finding a good copywriter who’s suited to your business takes time and some trial and error. The search is worth it as copywriters are usually full of interesting ideas on how to attract your ideal clients with on-brand copy. 

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