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Rashida looks at the website for Elevate Training on her laptop

3 common pitfalls affecting your content creation

As a business owner, it’s tempting to try and do all the things from creating your graphics to social media posts and even DIY website copy. Research shows that SME owners and executives spend a weekly average of 16 hours completing administrative tasks and duties.

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3 insider sources for finding a good copywriter

Why the search term ‘copywriter’ is a minefield Occasionally, I’ll research my competitors to find what they are up to. However, finding a copywriter competitor seems to have become much harder! I searched for the term ‘copywriter’ today and Google presented me with a list

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How to attract the customers you want

How to easily attract the clients you want.

Picture this: you’re walking into a party, and you’re not quite sure who’s attending.What do you do?Do you just start randomly chatting away, hoping someone will connect with what you’re saying? Probably not. Just like at that party, in the business world, it’s important to

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Why isn’t my website converting?

Why am I losing money on a new website? Business owners spend time, effort and money creating a website. But when it doesn’t perform as expected, and the web agency has exited stage left, where do you start pinpointing the problem? As a website copywriter,

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Rashida reads a copy of her book "Life After Ali"

Is copywriting worth it?

“A big reason so many businesses compete on price is that they can’t prove what value they offer, so they’re stuck with the one selling point that’s a breeze to communicate: cheapness.” – Mish Slade. Competing on price isn’t a solid or long-term business strategy.

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