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SEO Website Copy For Rex Technologies


Rex Technologies is an outsourced IT company with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. With offices in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, it aims to service clients around the world.


B2B Information Technology and Sofware Development.

Client challenges

The clinic’s website was full of technical and complex language and was outdated. The business wanted a new website but didn’t have the time or in-house expertise to write it themselves. They needed a new website to help them expand into the Australian market and present their services and brand confidently to their B2B clients.

Client goals
  1. Attract more Australian clients to their website by showcasing their brand.
  2. Ensure the website shows all the services the business provides.
  3. Present a polished and professional online presence.
  4. Showcase the global brands they currently support to boost their credibility.
Client brief

The client needed website copy for Home, About and 6 Service pages including wireframes to help guide their web developer.

Why the client chose me

The client was referred by a social media agency that knew my work. As the client didn’t know anything about copywriting, I explained the whole process to them step-by-step through ZOOM calls until they felt comfortable enough to sign off. I was also transparent about how the SEO process worked and how they could measure it themselves post-project.

How client goals were achieved
  1. Create a positioning statement for the brand around the headaches of outsourcing IT. I came up with several different taglines around making the outsourcing process feel like an investment, not a cost. The client chose, “Your business, Our IT.”
  2. Optimising the website copy for local search keywords.
  3. Advice on translating complex IT speak into user-focused language appealing to their B2B clients.
  4. Creating user-friendly wireframes.
  5. Sharing the Founder’s inspirational story and how it aligns to the company’s vision and mission.
  6. Presenting the web copy in a web developer-friendly format with all the SEO information ready for upload. This reduced approval times significantly.
The results

The client now has a polished brand presence online for their Australian market. They feel confident that their website is presenting their business in its best light and boosting their credentials. The client is happy to market their business or approach prospective businesses based on their website.


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